All Sawyer County and Federal Forest ATV trails are open for use.  

COMING UP: Wisconsin DNR National Trails Day is coming up – June 4-5, 2022. Come ride the trails for this free weekend!  ATVs, UTVs and off-highway motorcycles are exempt from registration requirements. Resident and non-resident all-terrain vehicle operators do not need a trail pass to ride state ATV trails.


Local Trail Conditions:

Seeley Hills trails: Ride with caution as this area suffered a lot of damage from the March ice storm.  Blockages have been cleared and trails are passable but still ‘dirty’ with smaller downed tree branches and debris from the storm.  Expect some minor-moderate trail washouts until we can get these trails graded.  Please help our hard-working trail maintenance volunteers by throwing a few branches off these trails whenever you are out riding!  There will be a few bike races during the month of May and June – and they may cross or use small portions of the ATV trails. ATV trails do not close for these bike races, but you may be delayed at crossings if racers are there. Please watch for these racers and cheer them on!

LCO Loop; Open and ready to ride.  Some minor tree damage and trail debris in this area as well.  We will be working on signage improvement, especially on 777. Please be mindful of your speed/noise while on the residential road routes within this trail system.

Tuscobia & 9-Mile Loop:  Graders have been out on the Tuscobia, but it takes several passes to complete.  Please help us by riding over any dirt clots to help flatten the trail. Our volunteer trail maintenance staff are working on new signage for the Tuscobia.

Eastern County/Moose Lake:  Graders are currently out grading Trail 5 from Moose Lake south.  Please note that a portion of ATV Trail 5 has been rerouted near Wolf’s Eagle Lodge- pay attention to new signage there.

As always – enjoy your ride, lights on, and watch your speed & noise while road/route riding through residential areas.