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Your Online Trail and Travel Guide for ATV the U.S. & Canada

Stoughton, Wisconsin

Area Information

To download a atv application please go to Dane County Parks

Stoughton is one of the well-known atv trails of southern Wisconsin. A charming city located within Dane County is one of the favored trails for Midwesterners. With an average of 41 inches of snow every year, Stoughton has proved to be a favorable place for atv to enjoy their sport. Amongst its trails, Stoughton is known for its trail systems named as The Yahara River Trail, skirting the Yahara River and the Virgin Lake Trail which connects the Virgin Lake Park to the Jackson Street.

Stoughton has had a variery of local clubs formed by the local families since 1969 these are some of the oldest in South-west Wisconsin.  While the safety is observed at all the levels, you do need to have a valid safety license in order to atv through the trails. Oregon, Utica, Waubesa and Rock County are some of the places that are connected to Stoughton through these public trails.

The local clubs maintain the 38 miles of public trails that connect atvers from Oregon, Utica, Waubesa and Rock County. Stoughton is a haven for ATV sports and adventure lovers. So hurry up and plan your summer fun with Stoughton this year!

All-terrain and commercial vehicle driving is a growing sport in Wisconsin, and the privilege of enjoying it comes with the responsibility of ensuring that you operate your vehicle safely and responsibly.

DNR Conservation Wardens recommend that all ATV / UTV operators complete a safety course at least once a year for the first two years of operation. All ATVs and UV operators born after January 1, 1988 must complete an instructor course at age 12 and 16 years or older to operate their vehicles in the state of Wisconsin.

A Wisconsin atv registration or atv trail pass are required to ride on a Wisconsin arv trail. Trail passes may be purchased over the counter at many authorized sales locations or by contacting WDNR.  Knowing the atv regulations, rules and registration information will help ensure a safe trip. Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources –