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Iron Mountain, Michigan

Area Information

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Iron Mountain and the Dickinson County area, in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, offer many opportunities for ORV/ATV riders. Whether it is on a state-designated trail, forest road or shoulders of county roads, the county offers a wide range of trail conditions and spectacular scenery.

Trails and roads wind through forested areas, across creeks, and near lakes and rivers. Some will travel on railroad grades for cruising; others will traverse over rougher terrain for the adventurous types. Most of the trails are actually unpaved county roads. Because of the many years of previous mining or timbering, these roads are permanent roads that traverse across the entire county. This opens up literally hundreds of miles of riding. Whether you are looking for a comfortable and scenic cruise or an adventurous backwoods romp, the ORV/ATV trails in the Dickinson County area can fulfill your needs.

Most trails are just a short transport from local hotels and restaurants. From small, friendly, locally owned and operated motels, to national chain hotels, lodging in the area also have variety. Wonderful food can be had ranging from take-out, delivery, casual and fine dining. Everything from mouth-watering steaks to homemade Italian dishes can tantalize everyone’s tastes.

If you would like more information on how to ride the trails in Dickinson County, please contact the Dickinson Area Partnership at 1-800-236-2447 or We have riding guides available, but we are currently updating our maps, guides and signage for the available riding areas.

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