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Your Online Trail and Travel Guide for ATV the U.S. & Canada

Antigo | Langlade County, Wisconsin

Trail Conditions: Closed

Date of Report: February 2, 2024
Area Report:

The Langlade County snowmobile trails and ATV/UTV trails remain closed at this time.

Those that would like to utilize ATV/UTV vehicles should be aware that most of the County has road routes open which allow you to continue to access our businesses. Here are the road routes currently available for recreational use in Langlade County:

  • All County Highways (County highways are named with letters)
  • County forest roads that are open to motor vehicles and not marked as closed.

By Municipal Ordinance the following routes are open to ATV/UTV traffic at this time:

  • All Town Roads within the Towns of Parrish, Elcho, Ainsworth, Summit, Upham, Langlade, Neva, Evergreen, Antigo, Ackley, Rolling, Norwood and Wolf River
  • Primary signed roads in the Village of White Lake, the Town of Peck, and Town of Vilas
  • City of Antigo- All City Roads other than the following are open to ATV/UTV traffic as per City Ordinance except Highway 64 (aka: Century Ave.) and Highway 45 (aka:-Superior Street, South Superior Street and Neva Road).
  • Town of Price- No Town roads are open

Speed limits on roads are at the normal speed of traffic unless otherwise Please respect our marked trail system and stay off the trails. Currently marked trails are primarily snowmobile trails and many cross private lands, please protect those trails.

Please ride right, stay on the pavement, and avoid damage to gravel roads. Maintaining undamaged road conditions assists us in keeping the accesses available for you to enjoy, year-round.

We hope you enjoy recreating in Langlade County during this low snow winter and thank you for supporting the economy and businesses of Langlade County!

Al Murray
Langlade County Forestry, Parks and Recreation Administrator

Area Information

Langlade County Forestry and Recreation Dept.

1633 Neva Road
Antigo, WI 54409

Click Here to see the current weather forecast for Langlade County, WI

These trails are mostly on land owned and managed by Langlade County. Trails were developed and are maintained by Langlade County with the exception of private property which is maintained by local clubs. There are over 93 miles of trail connected by several routes. The trail is very scenic and transverses glacial moraines, upland hardwoods, cedar swamps and small rivers and lakes. The terrain is slightly rolling to very hilly, and links to the Lincoln, Oneida, Oconto, and Forest County  ATV trails.

The trails open with weather permitting after May 1st and close December 1st.

For further updates or questions regarding the trails you may call the Langlade County Forestry and Recreation Department at 715-627-6300 or visit the website at: or request a free Langlade County ATV map by clicking here




Trail Access

  1. Parrish Highland Trail Area

-Hwy Q, at the Oneida/Langlade County Line

-Hwy H, 2 miles south of Hwys 17 & Q

-Hwy T, 3 miles west of Hwy 45, Summit Lake

  1. Augustyn Springs Trail Area

-Hwy. A, 8 miles northeast of Neva from Hwy 45

  1. White Lake Trail Area

-Sherry Road, 1.25 miles north of Hwy 64, Polar

-Hwy M/Maple Street, downtown White Lake

Trail Regulations

The Langlade County ATV trail system is a two-way trail. It is located on existing logging roads which are open to motor vehicle traffic, licensed vehicles and many other recreationalists. Off trail riding is strictly prohibited; this includes any forest road that is gated, cabled, posed, ditched or signed prohibiting the travel of unauthorized vehicles. Side-by-side vehicles or UTVs and LUVs such as: mules, gators, rangers, rhinos and prowlers will be allowed on Langlade County trails and forest roads. ATVs with stuffed tires or chains are prohibited. Also, ATVs are not allowed on the Ice Age Hiking Trails. The trail can be recognized with yellow paint on the trees adjacent to the trail. The ATV trails are marked by orange trailblazers/brown ATV signs. Please use caution and appropriate speed.  Langlade County ATV trail system does require users to display either a Wisconsin registration or an ATV trail pass.  Click here  for more information. 

ATVs are allowed on state-funded snowmobile trails, but only after 10 days after the trails officially open and when temperatures are under 28°F.


ATVs are allowed to operate on designated county highway year-round, as well as county or town roads designated by green routes signs. Highway regulations must be followed on all ATV routes.

Camping / Hotels / Cabins / Resorts

Camping on the Langlade County forest is allowed for up to 14 days, except in parking areas and areas posted prohibiting it. There are also several campgrounds, resorts and motels throughout Langlade County.   For a list of ATV/UTV friendly campgrounds in Langlade County, click here  For information on other accommodations besides camping click here.


Several food and gas stops are available along the trail and on connecting routes.

Timber Harvesting

The Langlade County Forest is over 127,000 acres in size and is managed primarily for timber production, together with providing recreational wildlife, and other multiple use benefits. You may encounter some logging activity. Please use caution and respect the loggers’ equipment as they earn their livelihood.

Invasive Species

Please assist us in slowing the spread of invasive species on the forest by washing your machines before and after riding on Langlade County’s ATV trails. There are washing stations located at the Hwy T parking area west of Summit Lake and Augustyn Springs will be getting a wash station by the end of 2017 at the trailhead/parking area on Highway A.

Please respect the forest. Don’t litter or harass wildlife. We hope you enjoy what Langlade County has to offer, and that you’ll have a memorable riding experience in the County of Trails.

Summer Information

The Summer ATV Trails will be closed from December 1 – May 1, weather permitting.

Winter Information

In the winter, ATV’s are permitted on approximately 500 miles of the funded snowmobile trails, EXCEPT on the Nicolet National Forest, and areas that are posted NO ATVs. However, ATVs are not allowed on the trail until 10 days after the snowmobile trails have officially opened and the temperature is less than 28 degrees Fahrenheit at a point four feet above the trail surface. 

For more information on ATV/UTVing in Langlade County: The County of Trails, go to